The Story.

The Mission.

“How did we go from two well paid corporate jobs to hiding away fearing for our lives and then to entrepreneurial success with several profitable businesses  and early retirement?

This is our story…”

Disaster Strikes 

Back in 2008 we lost nearly everything. Our money, our home, our family and all we held dear. Even our so called ‘friends’ didn’t stay long when disaster struck.

I hope you never experience anything like this and i’m not sure you can imagine how it would feel to suddenly wake up in a world where you no longer have the security and comforts you once took for granted.

Things had been great before. We had both been in traditional employment, building careers at a high level. I (Phil) was an experienced lawyer who then went on to build a TV and Film Production Facility and Rachel was a Finance Director.

Then it happened…

We fell victim, along with many other ‘normal’ working families, to a massive fraud. We tried to fight back against the corrupt and malicious activities we witnessed and this cost us dearly…

Someone attempted to kill my wife and son. We were rushed into hiding under police guidance for a year and taken off the electoral roll. We lost our job, our friends and our hope.

What would you do in this situation?

Moments of Decision 

We were faced with big dilemmas… give up or move on? And if we chose to move on then how and where?

We decided to get back up and not just reclaim our lives but build better ones and inspire others that there is always hope no matter the circumstance.

Not long later we had secured both financial and emotional freedom and live a life of options that most people only dream about.

All 3 of our beautiful kids is privately educated.

We can live anywhere in the world.

We could take months off at a time or even stop working entirely.

We have the security of completely passive income entering our bank accounts every-single-month and we no longer have to sell time for money.

The most exiting thing? You can achieve these results too!

The Chance of a lifetime

If you’re serious about changing your life then we can show you how…

To achieve financial freedom


To achieve emotional vitality and satisfaction

Here are some key lessons…

Change your mindset from employee to business owner and investor

Have multiple streams of income

Build a stream of completely passive revenue

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