The heart of any business whether traditional transaction based business or new style MLM business is people. People buy from people they know, like and trust. We are in the people-pleasing, people-building, people-centered business.

So how can you effortless attract new potential customers and team members?

In the world of MLM for example it is no longer just about the product, it is about the positon you hold to the potential person… are you a trusted resource? An expert? A guide?

We mentioned in another article about the power of the online world to rapidly grow any business. A large part of any online client-attracting system is the relationship you build with your potential clients.

Think about the journey a person takes to purchase something online. They usually are either browsing for some solution or ‘retail therapy’ or they get surprised by some advert or article that peaks their interest.

They start going back to the source to get more content and maybe subscribe to a newsletter or email list and then at a certain point they buy a product or service, maybe a small ‘tester’ purchase or maybe straight in at the top level. Then they may well either buy some higher value products or return to the store multiple times.

This is what marketers call a ‘sales funnel.’

Now even in the MLM business you can use the awesome power of this kind of funnel approach. You have to first get people interested in what you offer… your message… and then get them to opt in to receive more information from you and build a relationship with you and then give them offers… calls to action… until they either make a move or disqualify themselves.

This is actually quite a simple system to both describe and to build but you do need expert guidance to ensure your time spend is profitable.

This truly is an exciting time to be in business! There are so many wealth-generating possibilities opening up every day.

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