When you are busy and trying to grow in your life, either economically or in any other way, people can become a frustration.  Are people holding you back?  Do you feel frustrated with them?  Why can’t they see the big picture?

How about if you turn these things around and think about investing in people.  Think about giving first, but remember “Giver’s get”.  Sounds backwards.  You have to be authentic in this, if a person feels that you are helping them just so you can buy that amazing house on your vision board – they aren’t going to be too impressed!  They’ll smell that from miles away and avoid you.  However, if you authentically help them get something that they need, they will want to repay you in any way they can.

Investing in people doesn’t even have to be anything amazing, sometimes, just listening and giving them an hour of your time when they are in a crisis can mean more than anything else.  After all, time is your most precious commodity.  How about a kind work, a congratulations card when they achieve something.  If you show genuine interest in someone’s life, they will be interested in your life and want to help you.

You can’t always tell where someone is in life, or even, where they may be in the future.  We have all heard stories of people helping someone in crisis who later comes back and rewards them in an amazing way, because they have gone on to make a fortune or done something amazing with their lives.

Sometimes, it is great to just help someone who doesn’t have a chance of paying you back.  It grows you as a person and you feel a million dollars!  

Employers who invest in staff training find that their staff feel valued, their retention is good and recruitment is easy.  Sometimes, people feel this is counter intuitive, but if the economy is bad and you are the only employer in your sector investing in your staff, who is going to have the happiest, most qualified and productive employees?  Sometimes cutting costs is not the way to go.

If someone in your life is not seeing the big picture, is holding you back, invest some time in them.  If they really don’t want to change things, move on, there are plenty more people in your life who will value your investment in them.  Sometimes the people who shout the loudest, shouldn’t always be the ones that we run to first.  As long as we are polite to the shouters, they will come back to us when they are ready.

One thing I’ve learned over the years, is to avoid burning bridges if at all possible.  You never know who that person might know.  This doesn’t mean you need to be a pushover, just don’t start fires that you can’t put out.

It is similar to sowing and reaping really.  Sow a good harvest of giving in other people’s lives and you will reap a good reward.  Somehow, things just come right for you, people want to help you and you feel good about yourself.  If you are trying to grow a team, your team will love you.  Help enough people achieve what they want to achieve and then you will get what you want.

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