Do you feel like something is holding you back from starting a business, asking for a raise or sorting out your finances? What would life be like if you could hurdle that block with ease?

In our experience of moving from corporate security to financial instability to wealth and early retirement there are 3 blocks we see people struggling with.

The good news is that the main thing holding you back from more money is you. Your beliefs, your rules for living, your values and your overall mind-set.

Do any of these seem familiar?

  1. Poverty Mentality. This is where you see a lack of resources all around you and filter the world through a pessimistic outlook. Have you ever said to yourself: ‘if only I were/ younger/ older/ knew the right people/ lived in the right place etc.?’ This kind of self-talk is very limiting. What you focus on you attract. Try focusing for a full day on all the things in your life and the world that you’re grateful for. Your health, your body, your mind, your house, your cloths, your friends and family etc. Try filtering life for all the blessing you have and all the resources you’re surrounded by rather than focusing on lack.
  2. Zero Sum Game- this is the false belief that for you to benefit, others must suffer. This is the kind of thinking that goes: ‘If I get paid more than I will be depriving others!’ I won’t lay out all the science that debunks this logic but rest assured that making the world a more prosperous place for all starts with making it more prosperous for one person at a time… starting with you.
  3. Comfort zone– Whenever we try and make changes in our life, whether its dieting, taking up a new hobby, a new job or getting in control of your finances, if its new then we will be moving outside of our previously established comfort zone and that can hurt. We like things to stay the same, we like the familiar and the comfortable but we grow by doing new things so moving out of one comfort zone into a new, larger one is often, at first, an uncomfortable experience but it brings great rewards.


So how can you start upgrading your mindset today? FOCUS on abundance and available resources, remember that the sooner you become financially independent the sooner you can help others to do the same and take small, calculated risks every day to step outside your comfort zone and create new beliefs, habits and behaviours.

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