Most of us have heard that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  Does this ring true?  Let’s examine this in more detail.

Write down who you spend the most time with – or, more importantly who the five people who influence you the the most are?  Not the people that you think should influence you the most, but honestly, the ones who do.  Now rate them from 1-10, as to their positive influence in your life, with 10 being absolutely great and inspiring and 1 being very negative.

We tend not to make more money that the people we hang out with.  Why is that?  If we are constantly around people who are moaning about everything and how dreadful life is, we are going to find it hard to have a positive outlook in life.  Your circle of influence may need to change in order for your mindset to change.

If we hang around people that stretch us and are smarter than us, we suddenly find that we are having better ideas and they are pulling us up to their level.  If we are always the smartest person in the room, then although we’ll feel good about ourselves, we probably aren’t going to be pushed to grow more and reach our full potential.

Does this mean we should push people out of our lives?  We never need to be unkind to anyone but we do need to evaluate if we should limit our exposure to certain people.

If we are not getting the results that we want, we are not reaching the goals we have set, it is important to examine who we are spending time with and whether they are stealing our dreams or helping us to achieve them.  If we keep doing the same actions again and again, we will get the same results.

We invest hundreds of hours, checking out who are children are hanging out with, who their peer group is, whether they are having a positive or negative impact on them.  We investigate which schools they will go to, in the hope that they will be mixing with the sort of peer group that we would choose for them.  We join them up for sports clubs hoping they will meet other motivated sports people, that they will choose a healthy lifestyle as they grow older.  We want to know whose house they are visiting, who their facebook friends are.  This is all normal responsible parenting.

It doesn’t even cross our minds to think, who are we allowing to influence us.  We think our kids will shrink to the lowest common denominator of their peer group, but it’s strange that we don’t apply the same standards to ourselves.

All I’m saying is, have an honest think about this.  Sometimes a good challenge will encourage you to seek out new friendships and people who you can mix with, who are a positive influence and will encourage you to be the best that you can be.

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